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 I am delighted you have popped in to my website! But could I ask you to go instead to my www.ernestaines website as that is my new identity for my originals music.
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I am now "Ernest Aines" 

Hi Gang!

 I had an amazing experience recently in Brazil for a festival and taught songwriting using "Design Thinking". Loved the whole experience in Brazil and Chile so much. The people are amazing!

Announcements -  I am  now the artist known as "Ernest Aines"  for my new foray into the folk realm- new EP, tour, new manager and all kinds of exciting stuff planned for my own songs! 

This website will be going down very soon - so please look at my Facebook , Instagram or Ernest Aines website for the latest news.

I  launched my EP - Already Found to a packed out house at the end of June - please spread the word and let me know if you hear the songs on radio!

 Ernestly Yours,

Josh xx ( Ernest Aines)


New EP on the way 

Yes folks new EP in the works - gradually will be adding  videos of me singing the songs to my youtube channel.
So take a look and leave a comment and be a sharer :) That would help me out enormously!
Still busking as I can do it or not according to what else is happening in my life and I love my spot outside the chequerboard on Swanston Street, Friday and Saturday nights. I am also starting to gear up to more originals gigs and less events.  
If you want me to play your wedding, I am not taking bookings far ahead as I want to concentrate on my originals career, but you could try me a couple of months before the event and see if I am going to be able to do it. (I don't tend to do parties at the moment). 


In retrospect and in brief: I went on a trip to Vietnam and played over New Year in Malaysia.

July 2016 - Germany 

I am in Berlin for a couple of months, busking and generally discovering things. Fantastic so far, dropped into Paris on the way and had a baguette outside The Louvre. back in Oz mid October. (Send me an email if you want to book me for a wedding or event after that )


"Once" Musical competition for Melbourne buskers  

Herald Sun story about the competition and contestants

Yes!  I am in the top 5 busking contestants for this competition and I stand to win a really beautiful Martin guitar ( and I love my Cole Clarke but it is looking a bit more fragile now after years of hard service) and I could also play at the start of the musical "Once", which I would love to do!! 

Tomorrow the link will be live to vote ( we all have a little 2 minute video there of us singing something)  and anyone can just select their favourite busker.  I did 2 minutes of "She wanted to Fall"  which is on my CD and you can buy it here on this very site separately or with my other songs as one download...

So spread the word and get the voting finger ready :)



I'm back! 

Back in Melbourne after an amazing 7 months or so busking my way through North America. I stayed most of the time in Vancouver and met some awesome people when I was staying in the hostels there. I went to New York for a couple of weeks too and then went to Montral for a few weeks before heading off to the East to Japan.

I was well and truly scammed in China. I was only there for 24 hours. But  I loved Tokyo so much and will definitely go back to take on a broader look at the rest of Japan. I had all types of money woes there due to being scammed and busking was not an option in the end due to my amp disappearing in Shanghai....  

Anyway - Tokyo! The people were so friendly and generous and the food was out of this world and I have a passion for Ramen in particular now.  

 Some highlights:
  • Playing to appreciative crowds in Vancouver with the amazingly beautiful sunset behind me ( see my video section)
  • People regularly dancing to my busking in Vancouver
  • Befriending wonderful people at hostels
  • The French flavour and friendly people in Montreal  - such beautiful art and buildings. 
  • New York was  incredible with each neighbourhood offering so much - loved the pop art and the specialty foods
  • Being followed by a very cute piglet in a dark street in Shanghai
  • Going to a tea ceremony in Shanghai - although these people who seemed so genuine and lovely then proceeded to rip off all my money.
  • Couchsurfing in Tokyo
  • The fish market in Tokyo which had the most delectable sights and smells
  • The awe-inspiring shrines in Tokyo that were so magical and ancient.
  • The craziness of the cartoon culture in Tokyo - manga and anime were fascinating.

Next - on to Germany in 2015!

Canada - I love you! 

I have spent time in Vancouver and Montreal, with side trips to Portland and Seattle. Met some great people. I have played in parks and on the street to great receptions. People aren't afraid to show their appreciation when I play, they clap, dance and join in. Very cool.

Passport lost - necessitating a side trip to Ottowa to pick it up as it had been handed in to the Consulate. 

 Off to New York now for a couple of weeks! Say hi if you are there :)


2014 News - Canada here I come! 

Over the last year I have played at events in Melbourne and Tasmania. I have been writing and recording beats. A recent trip to amazingly beautiful New Zealand, hiking, made me determined to make my dream of travelling to Canada and then Japan, learning about the country and the people, a reality. So I am all booked and visas in progress for the holiday of a life-time.

If you are in Canada or Japan, give me a cooee! So on the 14th May I am off and I will be back in Melbourne February 2015.

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