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2015 -   This year I have been recording beats, busking and generally finding my feet after returning from Japan.  I had the lead role in "Magpie", a musical, which was a new and interesting experience.  But I have many more plans for my musical evolution this year which I will unveil gradually. I am working on new video ideas for new songs and getting quality content  that I create is a time consuming and potentially expensive pastime. In the meantime busking and gigs are keeping this little boat afloat. The good thing is that generally I enjoy busking and the crowd that gathers and their positivity, people often dance and there is a great spirit. I appreciate that! 

2014 -  The start of my travels - went to the South Island of New Zealand  for a few weeks, camping and trecking. So beautiful. Back to Melbourne and finished off some gigs and busked outside The State Library where an instant audience appeared each time. Finally made it to Vancouver where the natives are very friendly and music loving too. Had some choice experiences meeting great travellers and people I admire across Canada including Montreal and a side trip to New York and Portland. Japan beckoned in November and stayed mostly in Tokyo where I had the best time, the best food and some stressful experiences due to being ripped off in Shangai on the way. But also had some great experiences.     

2013 -   to master my looper and talkbox, write more, refer to my own taste totally, continue to improve my recordings skills, do my own thing and busk in between gigs and  events. Hopefully go to Canada to take on a new scene. 

2012 - I recorded a series of songs with music gurus Shane Reilly and Roger Bergodaz - the Indie rock style recordings, under the name "Blue Sun", got a bit of traction and good reviews - as follows:

"his lyrics are unusual and catchy...‘Real Boy’ showcases Romig’s sweet and dreamy voice that echoes the likes of Bon Iver and Gotye". (Tone Deaf.com)

"‘Real Boy’ is a catchy, if twisted take on the story of Pinnochio. ‘Lockaway Light’ is a pop hit, supported by Pete Marin’s deep groove. ‘Rio’ shows off Romig’s impressive vocal chops; whilst ‘Locked in a Cage’ is just sparse and eerie enough to be affecting. These are well-crafted pop songs, complimented by the EP’s production and stellar performances from the all-star ensemble. Anyone who finds Matt Corby worth a listen will enjoy what’s going on here." (Vulturemagazine.com)

"Great vocal melodies here" Dom Alessio, Triple J


2011   -  I got a mentorship with Aria award-winning Mick Thomas of "Weddings, Parties, Anything" by the Victorian Arts Council's "Push" campaign. "Rivermouth" is on the July issue of Jmag cover compilation due to that initiative from the Victorian Government. Thanks for that!

2010 -  I followed family tradition of going in a few song competitions to see how my songs fared - after the first couple I got the hang of it and won the Young Songwriter Award at the Apollo Bay Music Festival 2010. I still haven't used that prize of recording in the middle of a forest somewhere. But where??

2009 -  played a few good places like Northcote Social Club,  The Corner Hotel, Warrandyte Festival, The Convent Gallery in Daylesford, Gorgeous Voices Festival in Bendigo. Did the Face the Music Showcase and was mentored by well-known songwriter Charles Jenkins. Did the Melbourne Songwriter Competition finals at The Toff in Town, which confirmed how much I dislike that type of thing. I also did the Telstra Road to Tamworth stage at The Queenscliff Festival. I only have 1 country song though which I wrote just to see if I could write one... ( Beautiful Girl)

2008 -  I cut my musical teeth performing with my sister  (Jessica Paige) at gigs and several festivals including The Corinbank Festival (ACT) supporting Xavier Rudd, The Darebin Music Feast (they won the Audience Choice Award), The Banyule Festival (supporting Mark Seymour ), the huge St Kilda Festival, The Manningham Spring Festival, The Bluestocking Gala supporting Debra Conway, The Melbourne Town Hall Gala for Regional Women Leaders, Wintringham Christmas Party, Manchester Lane and CERES Sound Lab. I also ran a weekly open mic at Melbourne’s Templebar and performed a weekly residency at The Espy with Jess & the Paige Boys.

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