My song on the COVER of the July issue of the national Triple J Magazine!

Yes 'tis true! I am pretty excited about it too.

This year I was selected to be part of the mentorship program funded by the state government.  My mentor is Mick Thomas - he has ARIA awards galore and a huge amount of experience across performing, songwriting. touring. recording, etc.

And in April I recorded a song in a great studio with my new band -  here is the run down written by Andrew Kitchen from The PUSH as posted on the FreezaCentralsite:

Performance mentee: Josh Romig   Studio: Thirty Mill Studios      Producer: Roger Bergodaz

Josh has such a great and easy voice. His vocal delivery is effortless and impassioned. He’s been performing, writing and recording for many years now and has a great group of musicians around him to bring these songs to life. Josh has worked with producer and drummer Roger Bergodaz before and wanted to continue to do so. Roger has worked at Thirty Mill before (the studio that I thought would work well for Josh), so the producer / studio combination fell together pretty easily in this instance. The line-up was Josh on acoustic guitar and vocals as well as band mates on lap steel, bass and drums. Roger was really into the song and challenged Josh on a few parts of its arrangement too. The vocals were recorded at Roger’s studio because they ran out of time for this at Thirty Mill and the overall track sounds amazing.
My song "Rivermouth"  is the second track on the Mix Tape 1 CD which will be on the cover of the July issue of the  Triple J Magazine.


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