I am now "Ernest Aines"

Hi Gang!

 I had an amazing experience recently in Brazil for a festival and taught songwriting using "Design Thinking". Loved the whole experience in Brazil and Chile so much. The people are amazing!

Announcements -  I am  now the…


New EP on the way

Yes folks new EP in the works - gradually will be adding  videos of me singing the songs to my youtube channel.
So take a look and leave a comment and be a sharer :) That would help me out…



In retrospect and in brief: I went on a trip to Vietnam and played over New Year in Malaysia.


July 2016 - Germany

I am in Berlin for a couple of months, busking and generally discovering things. Fantastic so far, dropped into Paris on the way and had a baguette outside The Louvre. back in Oz mid October. (Send me an email if…

I'm back!

Back in Melbourne after an amazing 7 months or so busking my way through North America. I stayed most of the time in Vancouver and met some awesome people when I was staying in the hostels there. I went to…

Canada - I love you!

I have spent time in Vancouver and Montreal, with side trips to Portland and Seattle. Met some great people. I have played in parks and on the street to great receptions. People aren't afraid to show their appreciation when I…

2014 News - Canada here I come!

Over the last year I have played at events in Melbourne and Tasmania. I have been writing and recording beats. A recent trip to amazingly beautiful New Zealand, hiking, made me determined to make my dream of travelling to Canada…