I'm back!

Back in Melbourne after an amazing 7 months or so busking my way through North America. I stayed most of the time in Vancouver and met some awesome people when I was staying in the hostels there. I went to New York for a couple of weeks too and then went to Montral for a few weeks before heading off to the East to Japan.

I was well and truly scammed in China. I was only there for 24 hours. But  I loved Tokyo so much and will definitely go back to take on a broader look at the rest of Japan. I had all types of money woes there due to being scammed and busking was not an option in the end due to my amp disappearing in Shanghai....  

Anyway - Tokyo! The people were so friendly and generous and the food was out of this world and I have a passion for Ramen in particular now.  

 Some highlights:
  • Playing to appreciative crowds in Vancouver with the amazingly beautiful sunset behind me ( see my video section)
  • People regularly dancing to my busking in Vancouver
  • Befriending wonderful people at hostels
  • The French flavour and friendly people in Montreal  - such beautiful art and buildings. 
  • New York was  incredible with each neighbourhood offering so much - loved the pop art and the specialty foods
  • Being followed by a very cute piglet in a dark street in Shanghai
  • Going to a tea ceremony in Shanghai - although these people who seemed so genuine and lovely then proceeded to rip off all my money.
  • Couchsurfing in Tokyo
  • The fish market in Tokyo which had the most delectable sights and smells
  • The awe-inspiring shrines in Tokyo that were so magical and ancient.
  • The craziness of the cartoon culture in Tokyo - manga and anime were fascinating.

Next - on to Germany in 2015!

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